We are planning our next litter to be born in winter 2016.

For more information in English (or Swedish), contact Margareeta Häkkinen by e-mail, firstname.lastname@helsinki.fi (last name written as hakkinen).

Kukkatarhan is a small cattery located in Helsinki, Finland. Our goal is to breed healthy, friendly cats who adhere to the ocicat breeding standards. We select our breeding cats carefully and avoid inbreeding. In addition to a suitable pedigree, we select breeding cats who are temperamentally lovely, sociable, breezy and easy to handle.

Our first ocicat breeding female is FIFe SP, SC FI*Moosegrove Orqideas Doiradas called Kukka (pedigree). Kukka is chocolate spotted ocicat, born April 11th 2009. She is very friendly and gregarious girl. Her chocolate colour is very warm, contrast is great and coat is short, tight and shiny. She is strong and muscular, her weight is about 4 kg. Kukka doesn't mind travelling in a car, bus or airplane, but is also great company when people are lying on the sofa or sitting in front of the computer. Kukka was neutered in January 2012 after her SC title and a lovely litter born June 2011. Kukka's daughters Kukkatarhan Brassavola and Kukkatarhan Brassia have continued the career Kukka started in our breeding. Kukka is already a great-grandmother. Brassavola's son Kukkatarhan Capsicum has a few litters, including our litter E, and another son, Cissus, is a father to two boys in cattery Wili Willa in Helsinki.

We have also a russian blue neutered female, FIFe IP FI*Starstruck's Fortunata called Armi (pedigree). Armi likes to chat with us with her gentle voice rich in nuances. She also purrs a lot and loud to her people.


If you have any questions, greetings or comments concerning our cats or cattery, please contact Margareeta Häkkinen by e-mail, firstname.lastname@helsinki.fi (last name written as hakkinen).